best massages for women

6 Best Massages for Women

December 16, 2020

We all know that getting a massage is an easy way to unwind. Especially when you are physically and mentally tired from work, travelling, or looking after your kids. Massage helps to reduce stress and it brings your body and mind back into balance. For women, massage therapy can be even more beneficial when they are an expecting mother or having period cramps. In this article, we show 6 types of massage that are super beneficial for women.

Benefits of Massage for Women

A massage, in general, can improve our overall well-being by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It can help to calm down our body and mind. It’s a simple therapy to ease muscle pain and fatigue, boost your mood, and make you feel refreshed. 

Some types of massage are really good for women as they help boost the immune system so their bodies can effectively fight diseases. Also, for expecting mothers who experience mood swings during pregnancy, a massage can lift their mood and reduce pregnancy depression and anxiety. There’s also a massage therapy that focuses on skin and reduces cellulite. Find out more below.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage helps your body detoxify all the toxins by increasing the natural drainage of the lymph, so it can move through body tissues and lymph nodes without blockages. If you work out regularly but your weight doesn’t go down, lymphatic massage can be an additional tool to flush out all the toxins that prevent you from losing weight. It’s also great for those who have acne problems or skin conditions for better glowing skin.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Who would deny Aromatherapy massage that combines relaxing massage strokes with therapeutic essential oils? During an aromatherapy session, a therapist will apply long strokes that ease muscle tension and pain in all areas of your body. He or she will gently rub the oil until it’s absorbed into your skin, making your skin smoother and moisturized.

The aromatic scent can also boost your mood and stimulate the brain to release happy hormones. As aromatherapy massage is not intense, it can be used as a perfect cure for those who suffer from a difficult monthly cycle.

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Facial and Head Massage

Facial and head massage is the best stress-relieving therapies for women. These massages use acupressure techniques to stimulate the energy flow through the head, face, and neck. Therefore, women who have migraines should consider including facial and head massage as an additional treatment in their self-care routine. Sometimes a therapist might apply face massage oils on your skin with soothing strokes to soften wrinkles and remove dead skin cells for clearer skin. 

Prenatal Massage

For expecting mothers, prenatal massage is a way to unwind during long months of pregnancy. This special type of massage can help you to cope with physical changes, adjust your poses, and relieve muscle pain. Prenatal massage improves blood circulation throughout your body, stimulates the lymphatic system, and detoxifies. So it’s fantastic for you and your baby!

Besides, it can effectively reduce the stress and anxiety of becoming a mother. However, before getting a prenatal massage, you should consult your doctor and always choose a trained prenatal masseuse to ensure your safety and make sure you really get all the benefits.

Swedish Massage

During a Swedish massage session, a therapist will use massage techniques like kneading, tapping, and gliding that will clear the body and mind of unwanted tension. These soothing techniques will increase skin temperature, so muscle pain is relieved. Swedish massage also helps release feel-good hormones such as endorphins, which reduces stress and anxiety.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth heated stones to ease tension and knotted muscles in certain areas of your body. A trained therapist may place hot stones along your spine, on your stomach, feet, and palms so the heat can loosen up tight muscles. If you’re experiencing muscle tension or having trouble sleeping, the hot stone may be beneficial for you.

To sum up, a massage for women is not only a tool to improve overall well-being but also a treatment for specific conditions. With RLAX, you don’t need to go outside, because we bring a spa-quality massage to your home! All RLAX therapists are rigorously trained and can adapt to your requirements. Book a RLAX massage now in just a few clicks on our mobile app or website.


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