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How Mobile Massage Could Save The Wellness Industry During The Pandemic

August 28, 2020

The year 2020 has been a stressful year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted almost all industries which begs the question, can the massage industry survive this crisis?

According to the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, there is an estimate of over 10,000 massage outlets nationwide. This accounts for 530,000 Thais directly employed in the wellness sector, equating to 1.4% of Thailand’s workforce, according to a report made by the Miami-based Global Wellness Institute. No doubt that the massage industry is very important to the country, so how did the government react?

Government’s Measures To The Massage Industry

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Thailand’s government has been vigilant to the gravity of the situation and took drastic measures to ensure the safety of its people. Although there were very few reported cases compared to other countries, the government forced bars, pubs, and massage parlors to be shut. This has put a heavy burden on the wellness sector.

Meanwhile, more than 140,000 massage therapists have applied for unemployment assistance, according to the government. It wasn’t until the month of June that massage spas were allowed to reopen, provided that they keep 1.5 meters social distancing between clients. They also had to guarantee that they only use hygienic equipment to ensure the treatment is healthy and risk-free.

While most massage shops have reopened, some remain closed amid the health and tourism complications. Adapting to the new situation requires investment which some have seen unnecessary and decided to stay closed. They compared the operation cost to the number of customers and have deduced that the investment would not be worth it.

The Decrease In The Number Of Customers

Since mass-tourism is off the table for now, the number of potential clients is decreased for the time being. The government is planning to allow a limited number of tourists, focusing on the rich in a post-pandemic world. This implies that only luxurious spots will gain from the situation while the normalized massage parlors face dwindling revenues.

Moreover, the economic crisis has put a budget constraint on the locals, limiting their expenditure on entertainment such as massage treatments.

Additionally, the concern of safety always hovers over the customer’s head. A lot of people would rather avoid the risk of contracting the virus than to receive a relaxing massage.

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How Mobile Massage Can Solve The Problem

While the risk of exposure seems like limiting the number of customers, a massage at home may offer an alternative. But, what makes a mobile massage different from massage shops or spas?

First, when opting for a treatment at a spa, you tend to seek a soothing atmosphere. While these massage shops try their hardest to set that relaxing mood, the necessary use of sanitizers and the scent of disinfectant instead of aroma might not be exactly what you are looking for. Also, being in a public place such a spa would put you at a greater risk. Although they test a customer’s temperature, a lot of infected people are asymptomatic.

To combat these obstacles, a mobile massage could be an alternative. In the comfort of your own home, you can order your preferred treatment. Whether you want a Thai massage or an Oil massage, as long as you feel safe, you can have a relaxing experience. Additionally, the same safety guidelines imposed on massage parlors s are also followed by mobile therapists. They get routinely checked for any symptoms and frequently use disinfectants. Therefore, the risk is very low compared to massage parlors.

What Safety Measures Does RLAX Mobile Massage Take?

At RLAX the client’s safety is a priority. As much as we like seeing our customers happy, we also care about their health. To ensure that you receive a massage in a safe environment,, we trained our professional therapists to follow all necessary safety guidelines.

We consistently check our therapists for COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis. Moreover, RLAX practitioners use sanitizers before and after a massage as well as during different times of the day.
To not endanger others, we ask you to refrain from ordering a massage if you are sick and the symptoms correlate with the ones of the coronavirus.

In the end, all businesses must adapt to survive. While physical stores began delivering products to customers, service-based businesses such as massage spas should also consider this.

Fortunately, RLAX mobile massage is already available for you so why not treat yourself with a relaxing massage at home?
Order from a range of different types such as Aromatherapy Oil massage, Traditional Thai massage, and Head, Neck and Shoulders massage. All delivered to your location for maximum comfort and deep relaxation.