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How To Give Yourself a Leg Massage

December 10, 2020

We all experience soreness in our legs sometimes. Either after an intense leg day at the gym, running, a long day standing or walking, or even just from sitting all day in an office. Leg pain can affect the blood vessels, nerves, muscles, joints, soft tissues, or bones. Unfortunately, we don’t always find the time to get a massage, especially nowadays in our busy lives. So why not give yourself a leg massage to ease the pain, stiffness, and activate your circulatory system?

What Are The Benefits Of a Leg Massage?

Generally, a massage is one of the best stress relievers after a long day. It is a therapeutic way of healing by touch. A leg massage helps relieve pain and it can help your legs to recover in no time from soreness and fatigue in the muscles. It has been proven, that giving yourself a leg massage will boost the recovery of muscle tissue, reduce swelling, and will relax your full-body. These are components that diminish stress and anxiety, and they have a healing effect on your body and soul.

Various Massage Techniques

There are many massage techniques but you can do and use any motion that feels good to you. Here are only a few massage technique suggestions you can try: 

Gliding and stroking: Do a gliding movement over your legs and feet with your hands and fingers. Vary the intensity by starting light, then intensify the pressure as you like.

Tip: For more pressure, you may want to form a loose fist, then use your knuckles to intensify the pressure as you wish.

Kneading and squeezing: Wrap your hands around the area you would like to massage. Now use your thumbs and work your way up along the area by squeezing the muscle. 

The best massage oil for a leg massage
The most common massage oils used for a leg massage are coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil. However, you could also try to make your own oil by adding some essential oils like rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, cypress oil, and thyme oil to have a more soothing and relaxing experience. Besides having less friction during the leg massage, these oils will stimulate your muscles in your thigh area. Thus, it will give you a great feeling of a healing treatment.

Some precautions you should take before using any essential oils: Firstly, before using any essential oils, please make sure you don’t have any allergies. If you are not sure, apply a small amount on the back of your hand and wait a few minutes. Secondly, make sure your essential oils are legit and natural based.

How to Start Your Leg Massage

Being in the right position while giving yourself a leg massage is very important. We suggest a sitting position where you can either choose to sit in a chair, on a bed or floor. Why a sitting position? Because it lets you access your legs and feet easier while giving yourself a massage. Make sure you sit comfortable before you begin.

1. Start with a foot massage

Why should you start on your feet? Like most Thai massages, it’s suggested to start from the bottom because it activates your blood flow and your energy lines. They are also called Meridian lines and you have them all over your body. Start by wrapping your hand around your foot. Then use your thumbs and start applying light to medium pressure on your acupressure points and the area where you feel pain on your foot. Add some circular motion. Repeat this motion and work your knots out. If you prefer even more pressure you could also try to use your elbow. To create less friction we suggest using some massage oil. Now do some upward stroking movements towards your toes. This technique will help to enhance the blood flow and release the tension in your feet. After, you will experience a great feeling of relief and relaxation. 

Tip: As we mentioned above, there are different massage techniques. For instance, you could use a tennis ball for a foot massage. Place the tennis ball under your foot and roll it back and forth from heel to toe using steady pressure.

If you feel a painful or tender spot in your foot, stay at it and work the knot out by rolling in small circles. Repeat this exercise on both of your feet. If you would like to add more pressure, try this massage technique standing up.

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2. Move on to your calves  

After you’re done with your feet continue with the calves. Bend your knee and put your foot on the floor, or when sitting on a chair find something where you can elevate your foot on. You can use a similar massage technique as you did for your feet. Do some upward and downward strokes with your fingers, then use your thumbs and do the same motion on the back of your calves. Afterwards, lay your ankle on your thigh right above your knee as you would sit crossed legged. Now form a loose fist and use your knuckles to massage the sides of your calves with some firm pressure up and down. Now grab your foot and loosen your ankle by doing a circular motion three times clockwise, and then counterclockwise. 

3. Continue with your thighs 

We finally reached the thighs. The procedure here is simple, and we use the same massage technique that we used for the calves. So wrap your hands around your thigh so you have a steady grip. Your thumbs should be on top of your thigh. Now do a gliding motion up and down for about ten times. For more pressure, feel free to form a fist again and use your knuckles with firm pressure, based on your comfort level. If you are more experienced and advanced giving massage, you could also use your elbow and start with light pressure on top of your thigh with a slight circular or gliding motion downwards to your knee and back. 

4. Try a Foam roller 

A foam roller is also a great tool to massage your leg. Start by lying on your side and position the foam roller under your hip. Now slowly roll from your hip down towards your knee. Don’t forget to use your hands to brace yourself as you move up and down. Perform this on both sides. 

For more pain relief in your buttocks and hip you can also use a tennis ball. Start in a seated position on the floor and bend your knee. Place the tennis ball under your buttocks and position your hands behind you on the ground to balance your body. Lift your leg off the floor and roll in a small circular motion on the ball. Pay more attention to the area that is tender. When you are done, perform the same movement on the other side. 

Giving yourself a massage is a great treatment to feel relaxed and lower your stress, but we all can agree that there is nothing better than getting a massage from a professional therapist. Treat yourself with RLAX and enjoy a spa-like massage in the comfort of your own home. We deliver mobile massage all over Thailand. Book your first appointment right now and get convinced to RLAX with us.