How To Book a RLAX Massage

What could make a heavenly massage even better? Well, we’ve got a solution for you: Getting it in the comfort of your home! As a mobile massage provider, RLAX offers you a spa-quality experience in the safety of your own house, condominium, hotel, or office.

Especially during these uncertain times, hygiene and health precautions are vital. We guarantee you a safe and relaxing massage experience, without having to leave your house and putting your health at risk. Booking with RLAX is easy and here is how you do it:

Step One: All you have to do to book a RLAX massage is to either visit our website  or download our easy-to-use mobile application. You will be able to choose a few different massage options like:

Step Two: Simply add your location and choose a time (minimum 1 ½ hours in advance). On the day of your appointment, we will send you a reminder and your massage therapist will arrive 5 to 10 minutes in advance.

Your therapist will bring everything needed for the perfect spa-quality massage at home, this includes:

• Massage mat
• Clean linen sheets
• Organic massage oils
• Alcohol sanitizer
• Aroma candles
• Therapeutic music

For your own comfort we suggest that you prepare a pillow, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and keep a clean space for the massage.

Getting a massage has never been easier and more convenient. Book your first RLAX massage now and let us bring an exclusive spa-experience enjoyed from the comfort of your place.

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