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Massage On Demand made easy. Are you ready for a heavenly experience?

We will deliver Chiang Mai’s best practitioners to your doorstep with just a few clicks. RLAX service is available for you at home, office or hotel.

Our therapists are able to service clients living in Chiang Mai city & 20 km from the city center.

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Our Packages

Choose from Thailand’s most popular massages.
Order your preferred treatment with just a few clicks.

Combining Aromatherapy with a deep tissue, Full-Body Oil Massage.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB

Our Thai Massage features pressure applied to energy lines, combined with yoga-like stretching.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB

Our Head, Back, Shoulder and Foot Massage starts on the soles of your feet and ends on the top of your head.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB

The Facial Acupressure and Head Massage relaxes any fine wrinkles. Relieves headaches and facial tension.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB

Our Office Syndrome Massage eases soreness in the spine, neck, or back caused by prolonged sitting.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB

Jap Sen Massage consists of acupressure on the meridians, using herbs to detox body, mind, and emotions.

  • 60min: 690 THB
  • 90min: 990 THB
  • 120min: 1280 THB
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Hello, Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai, the capital of Chiang Mai province, is the largest city in the northern region of Thailand. It is considered one of the biggest attractions in the country. Visitors are rewarded with a panoramic view of the mountains and the rich culture of Northern Thailand.

The city is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes including Thailand’s highest mountain Doi Inthanon. In addition to natural beauty, The city is alive and vivid with so much to enjoy such a wide variety night market, restaurants with different cuisines, fascinating temples, and if you are a night owl, cool night clubs to spice up your evening.

RLAX will make your stay at Chiang Mai even better by connecting you to a pool of qualified, professional massage therapists that will offer you treatment delivered to your location.

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Why Choose RLAX?

When life feels tough; work is on overload and you are in deep need of a moment to relax, a massage is needed and that is where we come in. Or Perhaps you’re a visitor to Chiang Mai and a massage would be perfect to complete your enjoyment. We are here to help.
Or, you are a visitor who appreciates Chiang Mai’s wonders and a massage would be perfect to complete your enjoyment. In either case, you want a massage because you want to relax and this is where we come in.

RLAX mobile massage will bring the treatment to you because we strongly believe that a familiar environment will bring more serenity and calm to the experience.

In addition, check out some of the benefits of a massage:

  • Reduce stress and flush out anxiety
  • Heal muscle tension and release knots
  • Refresh the skin for a brighter look
  • Boost your energy, elevate your mood
  • Improve your range of motion for a more flexible body

All these changes and more are the results of RLAX’s different treatments. So treat yourself with a superb massage in Chiang Mai and make your stay even better.

Got A Few Questions?

RLAX mobile massage is the simplest way to enjoy a professional spa-quality massage delivered straight to the comfort of your home, office or hotel.

You can book a massage easily, hassle-free via our website or mobile application.

To improve customer experience, having an efficient and straightforward service is our top priority. You simply need to select your favorite massage then fill your information in the booking form. Booking is available online through our website or app. Once the order is confirmed, a qualified RLAX professional therapist will be notified with your name and location.

RLAX is available 7 days a week/daily (including public holidays).

Our operating hours are from:
09:00 – 22:00

Our last booking is at 20:00

RLAX is currently available various cities across Thailand. Please visit our Locations Page for an up to date overview.

Of course! We provide the option to choose a couple massage when booking. Our practitioners are trained to create a soothing mood dedicated to couples in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible. You may also select to have either one masseuse (one after another) or two (back-to-back) for your massage session.

No, you do not have to pay any extra cost for travel.
Our prices are all-inclusive of everything.

By choosing RLAX , you absolutely do not need to worry about such things. We will bring everything needed for the perfect massage: Fresh towels, massage mat, essential oils/lotions and even relaxing music to set the mood. However, if you wish to use your own table, mat or sheets, you are free to do so!

We always tell our customers to dress up to their own comfort level.

– For a Thai massage, you can stay fully dressed, but we do recommend not having loose or bulky clothes such as sweaters or jackets.

– For massages that involve the use of oil, we typically advise you to undress up to your underwear to evade damaging your clothes.

The RLAX guidelines stipulate that you should wear at least your underclothing during any massage. The massage therapist will cover you with a sheet to preserve your modesty and ensure your comfort..

As for your own privacy, our therapists will step outside the room during your undressing and dressing.

Safety is a big priority for RLAX. We perform background checks on all practitioners, as well as a routine check on their performance. Any complaint made by customers are logged and followed by an investigation to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Absolutely! Customers can select any location for a massage session, including their office! We also provide a corporate solution for companies that wish to treat their employees with quality relaxation time. The therapists will be allocated to you for as long as you need. Please check RLAX @work for more information.