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RLAX Aromatherapy Oil Massage is what your body needs. Experience soothing, smooth, and soft strokes. Flush out all your anxiety and let the therapeutic oil alleviate your stress.

Stimulate your senses, boost your mood, and enjoy a refreshing treatment.

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Order a massage at home through our website or app with just a few clicks.

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A trained RLAX massage therapist will arrive promptly on the time & day of your choice.

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Enjoy your home massage treatment, knowing that you are in capable hands.

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You are in good hands!

All RLAX mobile massage therapists are rigorously trained, fully qualified, and accredited by the Ministry of Public Health. Our Therapist Training and Onboarding procedures are done in cooperation with the Thai Oasis Spa School, a sister brand of Oasis Spa, one of Thailand’s most acclaimed day spa industry companies.

Oil Massage & Aromatherapy

Oil Massage & Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that makes use of natural essential aroma oils and a deep tissue, full-body massage to enhance the health of your body, mind, & soul. 

One of the benefits of an oil and aromatherapy massage is how the pressure and kneading from a massage can aid in the increase of blood flow circulation to muscles and vital organs.

It helps to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, increase calmness, reduce muscle tension & depression. In addition, the tension relief is profound for both the mind and body when essential oils are able to penetrate into the bloodstream through both the skin and the olfactory system.

During the therapeutic massage, your skin absorbs these essential oils which help to reduce inflammation or any pain in your muscles and joints. Your body becomes a vessel for a relaxing experience absorbed by your brain and when the limbic system is stimulated, you will start to feel a relief of your aching muscles.

The mix of aromatic oil and the delicate, professional touch of our therapists offer a maximum level of pleasure. The gentle kneading stimulates the blood flow, ensuring an energised, calm, and relaxed body, mind & soul.

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Begin your journey of relaxation with RLAX, all our massage therapists are professionally trained so be rest assured that you are in fabulous hands!

There is so much to gain from an oil massage and it is a process of detoxing that will leave you recharged for days. Moreover, there are many reflex points that sometimes need stimulation and massaging because it can help with improving circulation, reduce swelling, release tension, relieve pain & calm emotions. After the oil massage, your body and mind will feel so refreshed because you’ll be experiencing a proper and deeper sleep. 

What better way to experience an extremely comfortable massage than in your own home or location of your choice? You no longer have to deal with bad weather or bad traffic conditions that might further increase anxiety and stress levels. Our therapists will bring everything needed for the perfect massage: Fresh towels, massage mat, essential oils, massage balms and even relaxing music to set the mood.

RLAX Home Massage delivery provides a great opportunity for you to experience a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel. You can find us in all of Thailand’s most popular locations and we are still rapidly expanding.

If you are also interested in trying out different massage treatments, then you could choose from one of the options available:

Massage Oil Types

Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Bran Oil & Vitamin E

Essential Oils:
Lavender, Bergamot, Rose Geranium

For relaxation, helps release tension & reduces swelling

Sweet Almond oil, Rice Bran oil, Vitamin E

Essential Oils:
Lemon, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lime

Refresh your body & mind with antibacterial & skin-brightening properties

Coconut Oil

Essential Oils:

Contain antioxidants that help protect the skin, offer a soothing effect to calm irritated skin, and reduce stress.

Coconut Oil, Rice Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E

Essential Oils:
Phlai, Clove & Rosemary

Relieve muscle tension, Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory properties

Got A Few Questions?

Oil Massage & Aromatherapy Treatment is a holistic healing method that makes use of natural essential aroma oils and a deep tissue, full-body massage to enhance the health of your body, mind, & soul.

RLAX Oil Massage & Aromatherapy presents a wide variety of benefits and it helps to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, increase calmness, reduce muscle tension & depression. During the therapeutic massage, your skin absorbs these essential oils which help to reduce inflammation or any pain in your muscles and joints.

For a healthy person, the Oil Massage and Aromatherapy treatment would be a harmless and extremely relaxing option.

Before your massage treatment, your RLAX therapist will give you a form about your health history to fill up. Certain essential oils may cause an allergic skin reaction and if your skin is highly sensitive to scents,  then we would not advise you to book the oil massage and aromatherapy treatment.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your doctor to see if this type of massage is safe for you.

Please note that an Oil & Aromatherapy massage shouldn’t be done directly over bruises, inflamed or weak skin, skin rashes, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or fractures. If you have an underlying health condition or recently completed surgery, it is advisable to consult your doctor before getting an aromatherapy massage.

Your safety is our utmost priority and we would like you to have a safe & rejuvenating experience.

If you have any other questions regarding your health, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

By choosing RLAX, your mobile massage therapist will bring everything needed for the perfect spa-quality home massage.

Your therapist will bring a mat, clean linen sheets, massage oils, alcohol gel, candles & music.

For your own comfort we suggest that you prepare:

  • A clean area for the massage
  • A pillow to rest your head on during the massage
  • Wear loose-fitting & comfortable clothes.

**If you have booked an oil massage, you would be required to remove your clothes so that it does not get stained by the oil. The RLAX guidelines stipulate that you should wear undergarments at all times during any massage. The massage therapist will cover you with a sheet to preserve your modesty and to ensure your comfort.

Besides the use of oil, the focus area of the two massages are different.

A Thai massage aims to deliver strong strokes to relieve any stiff knots in your muscles, while an Oil Massage uses smooth, relaxing kneading techniques.
The gentle touch of the therapist and the use of aromatherapy oils is what makes this treatment more relaxing than the rest. You will feel the relief during the massage and after.

For a Thai massage you are not required to remove your clothings whereas for an Oil & Aromatherapy massage you would be advised to be partially unclothed for the massage.

Your safety is our highest priority. We perform full background checks on all our Home Massage Providers, as well as a routine check on their overall performance. Any complaints or low feedback ratings by clients are automatically logged and followed up with an internal investigation.

We will then personally follow up with the client.

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