Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is Important to Us

At RLAX, we run our business with a commitment to delivering reliable massage services, and at the heart and core of this commitment are our professional therapists. They are the cornerstone of our success, and their well-being is vital to us.

This is why Social Responsibility plays an important role, as it aligns with our core values in supporting and nurturing our therapists growth and happiness in various ways.

Learn more about our CSR pillars, which encompass our dedication to therapist well-being and our responsibility to the world around us.

Our Responsibilities

Fair Labour

Diversity & Inclusion

RLAX Massage Bundles


We Ensure Fair Labour

In Thailand’s wellness industry, many massage therapists face challenging working conditions, working long hours for low pay. We prioritize fair compensation and working conditions to support our therapists’ well-being.

Our therapists receive top-notch training and, most importantly, earn a stable income to support their families, with a higher payout rate compared to traditional spas.

We Promote Diversity And Inclusion

RLAX is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment where each individual is genuinely appreciated and treated with respect.

We’re open to applications from professional massage therapists of all genders and ages as we believe that one’s proficiency in massage techniques is of utmost significance.

We Empower Independence

As part of our CSR commitment, we empower our massage therapists by supporting their independence through flexible schedules that suit their needs and capacity.

We believe in the importance of our therapists autonomy and help them establish their economic independence and entrepreneurship.

RLAX therapist training & onboarding sessions

During the RLAX therapist training session, therapists learn how to use the RLAX Therapist App (iOS and Android devices) as well as share massage techniques. The training ensures that therapists are fully equipped to provide top-quality service to RLAX customers.

We create jobs for therapists across Thailand

Hundreds of independent Therapists across the country make a living because of your support.

Get a massage for your business!

Get a massage for your business!