Facial Acupressure and Head Massage


For a younger refreshed look, treat yourself with an astounding facial massage. Receive the treatment that will leave you wrinkle-free.

Enjoy an RLAX Facial Acupressure and Head Massage and experience your young self once again.

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You are in good hands!

All RLAX therapists are rigorously trained, fully qualified, and accredited by the Ministry of Public Health. Our Therapist Training and Onboarding procedures are done in cooperation with the Thai Oasis Spa School, a sister brand of Oasis Spa, one of Thailand’s most acclaimed day spa industry companies.

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Stay younger with a Facial Acupressure and Head Massage

Living your years of youth again might be impossible, but that should not stop you from getting your young look back. Perhaps, a Spa Facial Massage was not your first thought (It should) when we mentioned youth. And maybe, you think of creams and oils as a way to solve wrinkles but sometimes, it is just not enough so you should consider alternatives. Here’s a hint, RLAX Spa Facial Massage.

This treatment is for people who desire a younger-looking face and/or relief from headaches, migraines, and facial tension. It combines acupressure with a facial massage. The result is an increase in blood flow, the stimulation of immune reactions that reduces inflammation, relief from head pain, jaw tension, and anxiety. It also works to deliver nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, nourishing the skin to help eliminate facial lines due to aging.

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What makes us unique?

Rightfully so, wondering what makes our Spa Facial Massage different than the other facial massages makes total sense. To begin with, although Thailand is a massage haven for tourists, finding a good and legit massage shop is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The mystery, the creepy vibes, and the risk will keep you on your feet so instead of a relaxing treatment, it is a stressful experience. Meanwhile, there is RLAX, a mobile massage service that connects you to a pool of professional, licensed practitioners that ensure the best quality. You choose the place, adding more comfort to the equation.

On top of that, by adding the word “Spa” to the package, we mean it. Our massage on-demand is designated to give you a spa experience at your home, hotel, or office. We bring you all equipment along with Thailand’s best hands. So get yourself spoiled and begin your Spa Facial Treatment with RLAX.

Got A Few Questions?

It is a treatment that involves applying pressure to the head and face. Using acupressure techniques, the practitioner can focus on the sore areas of the face.

This treatment is meant for anybody that want to refresh their look and bring back their young face. It helps reduce wrinkles and make the skin stronger.

The Facial Acupressure and Head Massage helps improve circulation in neglected areas, it will rejuvenate the skin and make it stronger. This result in sore free areas and taken care of wrinkles.

Additionally, the treatment deliver soft kneading to the head that will alleviate any headaches or pain around that area, allowing you to clear your mind and boost your energy.

For more information, click to view our Locations page to find out where we offer our services.

This treatment is completely safe and does not pose any health risks, given that you are a healthy person. However, if you suffer from allergies or injuries, please notify us, so we can take precautions for your own safety.

By choosing RLAX, you absolutely do not need to worry about such things. We will bring everything needed for the perfect massage – including a massage mat & clean linen sheets. However, if you wish to use your own table or sheets, you are free to do so!

Security is our main priority. We perform thorough background checks on all our practitioners, as well as a routine check on their performance.

Any complaint made by customers is logged and followed up with an investigation to ensure that it won’t happen again.