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How Can a Company Benefit from Corporate Massage?

October 5, 2020

Having a good massage is an effective tool that can relax both your body and mind from a stressful working day. As massage increases blood flow, you will experience an instant feeling of relaxation. It also eases your worry and anxiety from work. To support employees wellbeing, many companies, big and small, introduce massage therapy to the workforce. In this article, we show you how a company will benefit from corporate massage.

What is a corporate massage?

Corporate massage or office massage refers to types of massage designed especially for the workplace. The massage typically lasts between 15-30 minutes depending on the massage you choose. Companies can tailor a program for a seated massage, table massage, or a hand massage due to their requirements and budget. In some offices where employees mostly sit and work on a computer for 8 hours a day, a session of an office syndrome massage can be very helpful in relieving tension in the lower back, shoulders, and neck. In general, massage providers can deliver services to clients’ offices and company events.

If you’re considering a corporate massage for your business, take a few minutes to read the key benefits you will receive:

1. Improve Employee’s Overall Health

Being seated in a chair for more than 8 hours a day, employees are at risk to develop Office Syndrome and muscle knots in areas such as back and shoulders. Without proper treatment, these symptoms can further develop into chronic pain which is often more difficult to treat. A company massage can help prevent these work-related issues as it relieves muscle tension by stretching, stroking, acupuncture, and other massage techniques. It also helps in restoring energy and reduces muscle fatigue.

Massage therapy can positively improve mental health in the workplace. When your company is starting a big project and everybody is stressed out, a massage session can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. When having a massage, the feel-good hormones like endorphin and dopamine are released to the bloodstream so you will feel more refreshed and relaxed. And your mood is improved instantly.

If your office has limited space, a chair massage is highly recommended because it is fully adjustable and allows a person to be seated in a comfortable and relaxing position.

2. Increase Productivity and Work Efficiency

During a massage, your skin temperature is increased so the blood flow and circulation are improved. The better circulation will bring more oxygen to the brain – waking up the cells and keeping the brain instantly active and functional. Therefore, employees can fully focus on work tasks, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate more effectively.

And by getting a therapeutic massage, an employee’s stress and anxiety at work are decreased. He or she will become more productive, think more clearly, and successfully achieve goals.

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3. Improve Company Culture and Employee Morale

Positive company culture and employee morale usually come together when talking about a good workplace. Providing a corporate massage can boost employee morale and satisfaction at work. Employees will feel valued because the company cares for their health and wellbeing. Therefore, they are more likely to stay at their jobs for the long term and put more effort into work – resulting in higher performance.

Besides, happy culture in the workplace also attracts retaining talent to join the company and engage team members to accomplish the business goals.

4. Customizable and Cost-Effective

Corporate massage programs are adjustable and tailored to meet each business’ unique needs. You can choose a massage option that suits your business size as well as the duration and types of massage. If you’re looking for a quick relaxation for your employees, a 15-minute chair massage is recommended. You can also select the locations, whether it’s your own office or a company one-time event. 

Moreover, it is cost-effective as you can always set up a budget and still get the whole benefits a massage has to offer. Or if you’re looking for an ongoing wellness plan, it sure can be done.

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